• market feasibility studies
  • business plans
  • reengineering strategies
  • organizational reviews and
  • strategic planning.

At Convivacité we assist with market feasibility studies, business plans, reengineering strategies, organizational reviews and strategic planning.

We develop market feasibility studies for businesses that want to market new products and our market feasibility studies include a full assessment of potential markets, competitive analysis, and the financial viability of commercializing the product.

We will develop full business plans for start up and existing businesses requiring financing, introducing new products, entering new markets, and restructuring.

Convivacité will assist you in envisioning and defining a strategic direction for your organisation. We help you blueprint a strategy for growth to capitalise on market opportunities by leveraging on your existing capabilities, or recommending new competencies that you should build.

We can develop a strategy to help you capture a particular market segment based on an in-depth study of market intermediaries, competition and distribution. We identify the right product/customer segment, develop product/service differentiation strategies, determine an appropriate pricing strategy and formulate sales, promotion and distribution plans.

We help you diversify your revenue streams and manage business risks by identifying new market opportunities for you to explore, based on your capabilities and resources. We then help you prepare detailed plans for new ventures and assess their feasibility, with specific focus on implementation planning.

Innovation is the biggest challenge and opportunity faced by business today. Innovation requires paradigm shift and we can assist you in creating the atmosphere to enable innovative ideas to flourish.

We assist in: 

  • Development of Business Model

  • Development of Business Plan and Strategy
  • Definition of the value chain
  • Development of  growth plans
  • Design of revenue models
  • Development of marketing approaches
  • Facilitation of strategic planning efforts
  • Conduction of “readiness to change” exercise for a new strategy
  • Development of  a realistic transition plans

We provide analytical support and focused assessment in the areas of: 

  • Business strategy diagnosis

  • Competitive positioning
  • Growth strategy development
  • Market and channel analysis
  • Business assessments/evaluations
  • Business case analysis
  • Financial assessment

We assist with successfully executed mergers and acquisitions. We help to realize the benefits of mergers and acquisitions through:

  • Business due diligence

  • Acquisitive growth programs
  • Risk assessment
  • Corporate partnering and joint ventures